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September 2021
NAÏM On How To Open And Keep The Fire Burning
by Enterprise Hub

When asked about the lessons learned through Covid-19, Estacio can’t help but veer towards the word “pivot”, because in his opinion, there is no better term to describe their shift in focus. Like many chefs and restaurant owners, he was unsure of the best approach to negotiating lockdown the first time around. Forced to reduce his overhead from 20 staff to just himself and with no takeaway menu on offer, Estacio turned NAÏM into a temporary local grocery store in a bid to sell some of his excess stock. “I was like, ‘you need flour, I got flour. You need toilet paper. I got toilet paper.”

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September 2021
Cafe Pick: A Worker's Cottage Turned Cherished Paddington Favourite 
by Broadsheet

A herby, hearty shakshuka is just as welcome on the breakfast menu as it is on the dinner table. Thick, fragrant tomato sauce; warming spices; runny baked eggs. This North African dish is the perfect comfort food – and it couldn’t be easier to make at home. Chef Estacio Vince from Naïm Restaurant in Paddington adds a contemporary twist to its traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours – including a pinch of saffron and a few extra playful ingredients. 

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December 2020
Chef's Profile: Vince shares his famous Carrot Falafel recipe
by AGFG 

I am in love with Middle Eastern food and passionate about learning more about this very traditional cuisine and being able to showcase it in a new light. I love being able to adapt my menus at Naim Restaurant with how I feel at the time, or what inspires me at a particular moment. I met my current business partner in 2018 and had the opportunity to start operating my own restaurant. Naim has been an incubator for everything that I have learned over the years. I’m grateful to have achieved this life goal so early on in my career.

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Falafel recipe here

Naïm's profile on AGFG here


October 2020 
Brisbane’s best takes on avo toast
by Gourmand and Gourmet

We’re suckers for some Middle Eastern flavours, and NAÏM nails it. The much-loved Paddington breakfast joint is offering up smashed avocado on Turkish bread with dukkah, Persian feta, pomegranate gel and poached eggs. Pair it with a cheeky brunch cocktail and you’ve got the ultimate brekky…

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