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Our Story

About Team NAÏM

Naïm has evolved over the years we've inhabited this old Queenslander in Paddington,

but two things have remained constant; a love of food and friends. 

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Our menus are based on one cuisine, travelling regionally through the Mediterranean and reimagining how those flavours would marry with Middle Eastern Flavours.


We are creative with our approach and try to get the most flavour, fun techniques and bringing in current food trends.

Food is creative, and food is comfort. It’s an experience, it’s dynamic, and plays with your imagination. It makes you wonder, it makes you smile, and makes you content. 


At Naïm Restaurant, we hold our friendly hospitality in high regard. This has become the essence of our venue. From the moment you walk into our space, to the last bite of your dessert, our goal is to offer food, service and an experience worthy of your visit. 

We invite you to share and enjoy each of our unique dishes. The menus make you wonder and smile as you chose options that suit everyones pallet. You are invited to break bread with us and enjoy our passionate flavours!

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